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What is Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which people can use simple visual art materials to explore their inner world, concerns and feelings both verbally and nonverbally.  Art therapy provides an opportunity to express difficult or confusing feelings in a safe and non-threatening manner. Art therapy emphasizes the creative process, rather than the art product.

Art therapy provides a unique way for people to communicate and gain understanding. The creative process in art therapy allows you to access the imaginative part of yourself to deepen intuitition and bring inner guidance and self-healing to a conscious level. It encourages independence, insight and self-awareness and fosters healing of the whole person.

Art Therapy:
  • is creative and holistic
  • allows for safe expression of difficult feelings

  • requires no previous art experience or special talent

  • is a natural form of expression for children
  • helps adults access the inner self

  • helps heal mind, body and spirit

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